Cultural Tourism in Tainan City

Many international students came to Taiwan for the first time as they started their CTBC(中信金融管理學院) journey. With the help from our part-time TAs, the Office of International Affairs had arranged a cultural tour of Tainan.. Since Chinese New Year was just around the corner before the end of 110-1 semester, the TAs decided to go to the the seasonal market for the new yaer together. Tasting delicious food together offered the perfect start of this trip and definitely the best way to connect with friends from different countries.

Visit the street leading up to the Lunar New Year festivities

At the end of the trip, Taiwanese TAs took their new friends to visit the Luermen Mazu Temple and introduced the custom of the Orientals worship incense which is a simple ceremony of Taoism praying for peace. Although a few international students have their own religions but chose to be open mind and had tried different religious rituals during the temple visit, and this serves to the purpose of OIA by bring in everyone together and gain new experiences.

The first time for them to worship by incense

Group photo at the front of the temple courtyard stands a memorial gateway with three archways


IPS Information Session

Through the partnership between CTBC Business School(中信金融管理學院) and the Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems of Waseda University (IPS), CTBC(中信金融管理學院) students have the benefit to enroll in the two programs simultaneously and earn two master degrees once graduate from both institutions.



中信金融管理學院 中信就業媒合率達96%

至今中國信託與 中信金融管理學院 已連續五年推動就業媒合專案,今年有75位畢業生申請就業媒合,已有72人取得畢業即至中信就業的機會,就業媒合率達96%,媒合作業仍在持續進行;另外,有三名大四生在建教合作計畫表現深獲主管肯定,今年轉為正式員工,還沒畢業即轉為正職,順利職涯接軌。

想知道 元宇宙 商機是什麼?你需要先知道的四個基本知識

相信大家最近是否常聽到 元宇宙 這個名詞,但你真的知道它真正的意思嗎?最近「元宇宙」這個名詞頻繁地出現在各種媒體雜誌的報導上。也發現各家公司在元宇宙市場發現了新的商機,所以紛紛地進入元宇宙市場。2021 年 10 月,當 Facebook 將公司名稱改為「Meta」的時候,「元宇宙」這個名詞就成為了一個熱門話題。不過,即使就算你知道元宇宙跟VR是有關聯的,但可能還是有很多人不知道它到底是什麼,又為什麼現在會這麼被受關注。